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Our team will analyze your purchase request and will quickly propose the property that best suits your needs
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Mortgage assistance
Did you know that you can buy a house at auction with a mortgage? Thanks to the collaboration with one of the largest brokerage networks, we offer you the most suitable mortgage, at the best interest rate
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Auction analysis
We thoroughly analyze the property and all the documentation before the inspection, so as not to waste your time and in order to determine the right price to offer to the participation, after quantifying any unexpected cost
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For investors
Anyone interested in safe and simple investments, we offer our experience to acquire and put up for sale or rent
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Auction participation
We take care of compiling all the necessary documentation for the correct access to the participation of the real estate auction. In fact, there are formal and substantial measures which, if not respected, cause exclusion from the auction
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Post auction assistance
We offer assistance after the award of the property at auction with all formal requirements in order to put you in full and effective possession of the property

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